1. communicate, converse, exchange ideas, Sl. rap or rap with, speak with or to, have a talk or little talk with; consult, confer or confer with, check with, parley, Archaic. parle, palaver, discuss, talk over, consider.
2. gossip, buzz, tell secrets or confidences, Inf. blab, circulate or spread rumors, Sl. dish the dirt; talk behind [s.o.'s] back, whisper, breathe.
3. chatter, jabber, prattle, cackle, gibber, gibber-jabber; babble, prate, tattle, twaddle, Brit. twattle; patter, gabble, blather, drivel; mumble, mutter, stammer, stutter, splutter, sputter, Sl. spit out; chat, chitchat, chitter-chatter, chaffer, bandy words, Sl. chin, confabulate, Inf. confab, coze, pass the time of day; talk idly, visit, Sl. shoot the breeze, Sl. chew the fat or rag, Sl. jaw, Sl. gas, Inf. gab, Sl. bull or shoot the bull; palaver, clack, clatter, Sl. yap, Sl. yak, Sl. yackety-yak, Sl. schmooze; rattle, rattle on, go on, Inf. bend [s.o.'s] ear off, Sl. run off or on at the mouth, Sl. have diarrhea of the mouth; be loquacious or talkative, ramble or ramble on, maunder, digress, go off on a tangent.
4. open one's mouth, speak, articulate, enunciate, enounce, pronounce, voice, give voice or mouth to, vocalize, put in words; express, express one's opinion, speak up, pipe up, speak out, speak one's piece, Inf. put in one's two cents worth, speak one's mind, say what's on one's mind; air, vent, ventilate.
5. discourse, make a speech, give a talk, deliver an address, address, soapbox, platform; declaim, hold forth, orate, lecture, sermonize, preach, pontificate; harangue, rant, out-herod Herod; rhapsodize, gush, Inf. spout, Australian Sl. spruik.
6. disclose, reveal, divulge, give out, come out with, blurt out, let slip or drop, let out, spill; Inf. put one's foot in one's mouth.
7. express, utter, say, state, declare, proclaim; recount, relate, convey, put or get across; tell, inform, advise, notify, give word to, let [s.o.] know, bring to [s.o.'s] attention, point out, enlighten, clue [s.o.] in, Inf. tip off, give one to understand.
8. talk back
back-talk, Inf. sass, Dial. sass back, Inf. answer back, Inf. sauce, Inf. give [s.o.] lip, Inf. give [s.o.] mouth, Sl. get fresh, Sl. get smart.
9. talk big
Informal. brag, boast, crow, vaunt, toot one's own horn, Sl. mouth off, Sl. shoot off one's mouth; exaggerate, Sl. pile it higher and deeper, Sl. lay it on thick.
10. talk down
a. outtalk, outdo.b. belittle, disparage, depreciate, deprecate, minimize, Sl. put down, Inf. knock, Inf. pan, criticize.
11. talk up
promote, push for, Inf. plug, Sl. hype up, ballyhoo, beat the drum, advertise, publicize.
12. conversation, dialogue, chat, tête-à-tête
coze, causerie, confabulation, Inf. confab, discussion, Inf. chin session, Sl. rap or rap session, Sl. bull session.
13. speech, lecture, address, oration, allocution, declamation; discourse, dissertation, recitation, oral report, Fr. expose; sermon, tirade, harangue, rant, denunciation; sales talk, sales pitch, Inf. spiel.
14. conference, consulatation, parley, palaver, meeting, Inf. powwow, Fr. pourparler.
15. gossip, buzzing, blab, blabbing; rumor, grapevine, Inf. scuttlebutt, hearsay, Fr. oul-dire. report, Archaic. bruit; an earful, Sl. dope, Inf. inside info, Sl. poop, tittle-tattle; scandal, dirt, whispering campaign, mudslinging.
16. small talk, chatter, chitchat, chitter-chatter, Inf. gab, idle talk, Sl. schmooze, Scot. clishmaclaver, Sl. yak or yakking, Sl. yackety-yak, Sl. hot air, Sl. gas, Sl. bull; prate, prattle, clack, babble, Fr. bavardage. rattle, Brit. natter; badinage, persiflage, banter, raillery.
17. language, speech, dialect, Inf. lingo, Linguistics. idiolect; jargon, cant, argot, slang; patois, brogue, accent.

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